We’re a group of passionate soles, excited and dedicated in finding unique designers and creating new trends


A letter from one of our founders... 

     I have always had a passion for fashion.  While growing up in the Midwest I nourished my love for clothes by taking sewing classes and studying fashion magazines to try and create the couture and runway looks that I would see from my style icons.  While I will always have a sentimental nostalgia for my local mall back home (my childhood stomping grounds where I honed my shopping and buying expertise), it was difficult to find those unique and designer pieces that I had so ardently envisioned.  After moving to Los Angeles, one of the meccas for fashion and design, I discovered an entire world of incredible artist and designers I had never had access to before, or at least at an affordable price.  Here at Bobii London we have worked hard to find and partner with some of these amazing designers and designers abroad to bring you trendy and unique fashions that we wear and love.  Please have fun shopping our store and wear your heart on your sleeve...and your dress ...on those awesome pants...and that great purse too!



K. Miller

Co-Owner of Bobii London